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Here in Gladeville, we redefine the limits of outdoor beauty and utility with our top-notch lawn care services. Otter Creek Lawncare is aware that your lawn serves as more than simply a patch of grass; it also serves as a private haven from the outside world and your home’s first impression. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing excellent lawn care so that your green area is bright and healthy all year round. We provide a variety of lawn care services, from routine lawn maintenance to complex landscape designs that are customized to each Tennessee homeowner’s specific requirements. You can count on us to update your outdoor areas with the same attention to detail and skill that have made us renowned over the years. Whether your goal is to create a tranquil garden haven or improve your curb appeal,  Otter Creek Lawncare is your go-to partner in lawn care excellence.

Your Partner in Exceptional Landscape Services

Whether you need thorough landscaping services or precise lawn maintenance, Otter Creek Lawncare is your go-to partner for outstanding landscape services in Gladeville, TN. Our mission is to improve the aesthetics and usability of your outdoor areas. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to providing excellent landscaping that not only meets but beyond your expectations. Every project demonstrates our dedication to delivering high-quality landscape maintenance, from the first concept to the last details. Our specialty is turning yards into gorgeous settings that flourish in the environment of Tennessee. By hiring Otter Creek Lawncare, you’re investing in a rich, colorful property that you’ll be happy to display rather than simply receiving standard landscaping. Recall that we are available to provide dependable landscaping services in Gladeville.

Effective Hedge Trimming and Mulch Installation in TN

Welcome to Gladeville Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping Services in TN, where your landscape’s full potential can be realized with our expert care. At Otter Creek Lawncare, we’re dedicated to maintaining the health and beauty of your lawn with our top-notch services. Effective hedge trimming is crucial for the neat appearance and health of your hedges, ensuring they’re beautifully shaped and disease-free. Meanwhile, our mulch installation service plays a pivotal role in soil moisture conservation, temperature control, and adding a polished look to your garden beds. Together, these services create a harmonious landscape that enhances your home’s outdoor appeal. Don’t forget, that maintaining a lawn requires consistent care and attention, and here at Otter Creek Lawncare, we’re here to deliver that with reliability and expertise. Let us help you achieve the perfect lawn and landscape you’ve been dreaming of.

6 Reasons to Invest in Lawn Care

Regular lawn care enhances the visual appeal of your property, making it look well-maintained and attractive.

A well-kept lawn boosts your home’s curb appeal, potentially increasing its market value and attracting buyers if you decide to sell.

Consistent lawn maintenance such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing encourages dense, healthy grass growth and reduces weed proliferation.

A healthy lawn acts as a natural filtration system, reducing runoff and absorbing pollutants, thus improving air and soil quality.

Maintained lawns create a pleasant and safe environment for outdoor activities with family and friends.

Regular grooming and care help deter pests and prevent the spread of diseases in the garden ecosystem.

Nurturing Green Spaces: Comprehensive Hedge Trimming

At Otter Creek Lawncare, we understand that the essence of exceptional landscaping services lies in meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to nurturing the natural beauty of lawns and gardens. That’s why our team specializes in comprehensive hedge trimming, a cornerstone of landscape maintenance that ensures your green spaces are not just maintained, but truly thrive. Serving the Gladeville area, our experts in lawns and landscaping are committed to enhancing each property’s unique aesthetic, promoting lush, healthy growth all year round. We don’t just trim hedges; we sculpt them into living art that enhances your outdoor living space. Proper hedge maintenance is more than a routine task—it’s a critical service that shapes the overall health and appearance of your property. Trust Otter Creek Lawncare to handle every detail with precision and care, making every inch of your lawn a testament to our commitment to quality.


Otter Creek Lawncare provides a comprehensive range of lawn care services including regular mowing, intricate landscaping solutions, hedge trimming, mulch installation, irrigation solutions, and the installation of illumination hardscapes.

Our team specializes in creating personalized landscaping plans that cater to the individual preferences and requirements of each homeowner. We consider the specific climate of Tennessee, the property’s natural aesthetics, and the homeowner’s vision to craft a unique and functional outdoor space.

Irrigation is integral to maintaining the health and vibrancy of gardens and lawns, especially in Tennessee’s climate. Otter Creek Lawncare integrates advanced irrigation solutions to ensure gardens remain well-hydrated, fostering an environment where grass and plants can thrive optimally.

Yes, our team excels in the design and installation of various outdoor hardscapes. Whether updating an existing garden or installing new features, Otter Creek Lawncare provides innovative solutions and meticulous installation to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Otter Creek Lawncare has been recognized for our attention to detail, dedication to customer satisfaction, and our ability to deliver high-quality landscaping services. Our expert team is passionate about enhancing outdoor spaces and has a proven track record of transforming yards into picturesque landscapes, making us a trusted partner in lawn care excellence.

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